Below I share with you my favorite tools for getting your financial life in order — yes, these are all tools that I personally use to manage my own financial life!

Resources from Logan Allec


In this 45-minute workshop, I show you exactly how the average American household can become a millionaire making just slight changes to their monthly budget — and investing the difference.

How I Make Money Online

I’ve put together a cheat sheet with my 15 top passive revenue streams online. Combined, these revenue streams make me over $20,000 a month. Sign up now to see what they are! This is the freebie I intend on using when creating my digital entrepreneurship course in the future.

Logan Allec on Youtube

Seven days a week, I turn the camera on to share my thoughts with my fast-growing YouTube audience of over 100,000 subscribers. I especially enjoy sharing my thoughts on popular personal finance tools such as investing apps and credit cards to discern which ones are actually helpful and which are not so helpful. I also keep track of what’s going on in D.C., especially as it relates to your money.

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You’ll Love These:


GetUpside is a free app that gives you cash back at the gas station. My wife and I use it whenever we fill up! Be sure to check out my GetUpside Walkthrough on YouTube to see how easy it is to earn cash back in the app. If you want to sign up, use my GetUpside referral link and you’ll earn a bonus on your first fill-up!

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Want to get started with cryptocurrency? Then consider checking out BlockFi, a cryptocurrency trading platform that pays you interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. Use my BlockFi referral link, and you could earn up to $250 as a sign-up bonus!

Credit Cards

Contrary to what some financial gurus say, credit cards can be a powerful tool to not only build your credit but also earn rewards like free hotel stays, free flights, or even just plain old cash. Check out this video where I tell you my top credit card picks right now!

Free Stocks

If you want to give your investment portfolio a guaranteed boost, there’s no quicker way to do it than by getting stocks for free. In this video I tell you all the brokerages where you can get free stocks right now and what you have to do to get them.

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Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a personal finance website and app where you can track all your financial accounts. I love it because it lets me see my net worth grow over time in visual format! And the best part is it’s complete free to use! If you’re interested in Personal Capital, use my referral link and you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card when you link at least one account with a balance of at least $1,000.

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M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an investing platform that allows users to create “pies” of stocks or ETFs that they want to invest in. If you’ve watched my M1 Finance Review on YouTube, you know that I’ve been adding to my portfolio in M1 Finance everyday! If you’re interested, be sure to use my M1 Finance Referral Link so you get a $30 bonus when you invest at least $1,000 into M1 Finance.

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The resources I’ve shared with you above are some of the best tools on the market today to help you grow your wealth. But if you want to come full circle — if you want to really “get it” when it comes to personal finance more than 99% of Americans — you need to take the next step and enroll in Prosper, my flagship personal finance course. In this course, I share with you the core lessons that I wish everybody knew about money. Prosper starts with the basics of saving, budgeting, and getting out of debt. Then it quickly takes off to teach you what the guys over at CNBC don’t want you to know about investing and taxes.


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