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2,500 years ago, ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  

Similarly, your journey toward a thousand or a hundred thousand or a million dollars begins with just starting — starting to budget, to save, to invest. And in this easy workbook, I want to show you how to take that first step by making simple changes to save an extra $100 a month as well as tell you what to do with it. I guarantee that by taking the simple steps in this workbook, you will not only have an extra $100 this month, but you will also have experienced a transformation.

The Old You

The New You

There’s no way I can come up with an extra $100 this month!

Wow, making room for an extra $100 a month was easier than I thought. How can I apply these same principles to increase that to $105 next month, $110 the month after that, and $115 the month after that?

Even if I did have an extra $100 this month, I’d probably just blow it.

I know exactly what to do with the extra $100 I saved, and it actually sounds like fun.

It’s just $100! What does it matter?

An extra $100 a month, invested wisely, can grow into hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line.

Meet Your Mentor

Logan Allec is a CPA and highly-sought-after personal finance expert who went from $50,000 of debt at age 21 to millionaire by age 30. He believes that money, as one of the best tools we have to live an incredible life, is something that everybody should master. And he’s on a mission to teach you what he knows about money, both through his experiences overcoming his own financial challenges as well as through the skills he’s developed as a veteran financial pro.

You’ll receive my easy five-step working book saving an extra $100/month immediately!  

I know you’ll enjoy this workbook, and it’s absolutely free!


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