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When people talk about saving money by budgeting, they're usually talking about finding ways to cut your expenses.  This means looking for things that you spend money on that you really don’t need to.  But in fact there are some things where I would say that you should fight the impulse to save and just go ahead and spend the money. Yes it’s an expense, yes it’s going to hurt your bank account today, but sometimes you’re going to get more out of that expense than the money is worth. So in this episode I'm sharing with you 10 smart ways to spend $100.  

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Logan Allec is a CPA and highly-sought-after personal finance expert who went from $50,000 of debt at age 21 to millionaire by age 30. He believes that money, as one of the best tools we have to live an incredible life, is something that everybody should master. And he’s on a mission to teach you what he knows about money, both through his experiences overcoming his own financial challenges as well as through the skills he’s developed as a veteran financial pro.

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Turns out, everybody does! And did you know that becoming a millionaire is actually a lot easier than you think? It’s true! Check out my free webinar to learn how you can become a millionaire just by making a few simple changes to your spending habits.

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